About Us

OK..! Now that you are interested in finding who we are, We will come straight to point.

We @ DATA N DESIGN SOLUTIONS have been developing digital destinations and the strategies that power them for more than 10 years. But it’s far easier to just say that we have grown up with digital.

We treat our clients as partners to identify business challenges and develop solutions that address them.

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IT Help

We have diverse knowledge on everyday IT Issues in small business. Starting from installing software's to maintaining servers, its all in our safe hands.

Logo & Web Design

You have a dream and we can draw it on paper or in digital world.

Email & Web Hosting

You just bought your dream car... where do you park it...? Let us handle the worries.!

Our show off


We are Perth based company. Just fill the details below and we will NOT let you down..!

Our Process


      Our work connects products & services with people in new and engaging ways. We design with purpose and meaning and we have serious fun along the way.

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Eye Catching story

You can place your website in front of thousands of viewers everyday!... But you cannot force them to like it. The prime segment of successful online marketing, is a mobile friendly, professional website with top service and outstanding product value.
Responsive design is the solution to mobile adaptation! A single set of code which seamlessly adapts to Desktops, Tablet, iPhone, Android (all Smartphones)... It's brilliant!
We utilize proven responsive web design services and development techniques to help you transition your site to meet Google’s responsive web design recommendations. Through the use of fluid grid layouts and fluid graphics, RWD (Responsive Web Design) targets the width of the browser in use and determines the proper website display for the accessing devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
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